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is a registered umbrella charity that focuses on projects and charitable activities that work to improve the lives of us all. We have a particular focus on youth, education and empowering our leaders of tomorrow through creative programs and seminars.


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To setup a registered charity, is an estimated upfront cost of $20,000 dollars plus ongoing audits, and upkeep of such a structure. One Purse One Planet (OPOP) is a registered umbrella charity that lowers the barrier of entry for people who wish to participate in charitable activities allowing people to bring their projects to OPOP.

One Purse One Planet removes this cost by adding it as a project to our existing structure, so people with a passion or vision can focus on the delivery of their projects rather than the inherent compliance and administration, functions required by a government registered charity status.


Some of our Projects & Programs

Green Earth Vision is a Project of OPOP that is focused on creating a portal to a future that includes Decentralized villages, training hubs, Activation Centers, and futuristic sustainable cities. We accomplished through the creation of scaleable whole systems models such as new currencies, agreement and governance platforms, decentralized organizational models, training modules, and matching systems. We are teaming up with multiple companies to develop software to match people with events and communities, one that is going to help link global ‘solutionaries’ with synergistic festivals, retreats and communities worldwide.



Empowering Youth in the Real World

NUU Youth The Real World is all about helping our youth get their Dream Job and empower them to take control of their life. Providing training course and conferences aiming to fit students and young people with tools for the Real World, thereby empowering tomorrows leaders, today.

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Inspired Living Events

Connect – Collaborate – Communicate

Inspired Living events bring together like minded people, we source eye-opening films, engaging guest speakers, delicious organic food, healthy products and services and bring them all together for you at our exciting events. Get yourself to our next film night, workshop and/or retreat to connect with some fantastic people, have a great time and be inspired!

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Damanhur Community

A laboratory for the future of humankind

Damanhur is a Federation of spiritual communities, with its own Constitution, culture, art, music, currency, schools and uses of science and technology. Its citizens are open to sharing their knowledge and research with other groups and cultures of the world, with anyone who is interested in exploring these themes.

One Purse One Planet, it working to secure sponsorship or grants to assist in bringing this vision to life here in Australia. If you are interested or would like to be involved please feel free to contact us.

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Earth Nation is a wonderfully ambitious project that is looking to make the world a fairer and more equitable place for everyone.

Earth Nation seeks to provide alternative systemic solutions for social welfare and planetary sustainability by providing scalable, replicable, interoperable and completely decentralized systems of community, business, politics, and economics.

Our Technology Branch is currently developing an industry leading “Gamification User Portal” for onboarding our Earth Nation members. By combining 3D animation with software intelligence, we are creating a fully interactive process that mimics the most entrancing video games on the planet. Animated Videos, Live Actors, 3D Modeling, and Software Intelligence allows us to create a truly immersive onboarding experience for our members. ….. read more

The Village Project

The Village is as the name might suggest, a collaborative effort to consciously create a new way of living, from conceptualisation to manifestation the Village project is the work of Peter Thomas from Walking Our World and OPOP are proud supporters. … READ MORE

An Alliance of Native American Churches

An Alliance of Native American Churches are starting a network of Ecovillages in Missouri. We will provide a space rent-free for all who wish to live in peace and prosperity. We have 500 acres with little infrastructure and a lot of construction equipment.

Our intention is to grow hemp and gourmet mushrooms as cash crops. This network is democratically run, with one vote per person and majority consensus decision making processes.

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Charity is just writing checks and not being engaged. Philanthropy, to me, is being engaged, not only with your resources but getting people and yourself really involved and doing things that haven’t been done before.

Eli Broad

Do you have Our next Project, We are looking for creative solution focussed community ideas to support

Our core of our passion for OPOP is to allow the space for other Soul beings to bring their project to us and get unlimited funding from our Global connections, we stand for Equality for Humanity.

As an umbrella organisation, our aim is to support worthwhile projects that can make a positive difference in our society. If you have a project and idea or a concept that can make a difference we may be able to assist you to make it happen.


Kelly Kingston

Kelly Kingston

Co-Director OPOP

Founder and Co-Director – One Purse One Planet and Creator of NUU You(th)

Kelly is a World Leading Wellness Leader Business Specialist. Known in the Wellness Industry as Kelly BizQueen. She is an International Multi Award Winning Woman in Business | Global Film Producer | Charity Executive | Board Member and a Wellness Practitioner.

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Samyo Dalgarno

Samyo Dalgarno

Co-Director OPOP

Creator of M Field Therapy, Organiser, Facilitator & Speaker.

Samyo has a passion for humanity & believes that with “the will”, humanity could rebuild itself into a fair and equitable society, whose goal is personal discovery and empowerment rather than the merely the endless seeking of material “things”.

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Jeremy Briton

Jeremy Briton

Co-Director OPOP

Jeremy is our Program Director for NUU – Education for the Real World as well as a great supporter of many of our projects. Jeremy had a wildly entrepreneurial spirit from early age. He started his first financial planning business at age 19 and proceeded to start and own several financial planning businesses, as well as retail stores and …

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Winner: 14th Annual Stevie® Awards

for Women in Business

The Stevie® Awards for Women in Business are the world’s premiere business awards for female entrepreneurs, executives, employees and the organizations they run. Entries for the 2018 awards will open in May  –  get your entry kit.

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