1 hour 2 empower is all about allowing our children to show compassion when they are hurting. To empower our children to make positive choices towards their peers & other people.

We want to let our children know that it is ok to Shine and be praised by our peers and other people, then it is ok to have a Feeling Blue – (bad) day and not Shine and then not know how to handle those emotions and take it out on others – Some may call this bullying I call it emotion catching. You need to recognise the difference between Shining Emotions and Feeling Blue Emotions, that is why when you are feeling like you are not shining then we need to catch out emotion and sit with these emotions to know what to do. So this is where we come in to help recognise these feeling and know what to do when you are feeling this way.

We are taking a project into Primary and Secondary Schools all over Australia with Videos, Tasks, Role play, and a releasing talking stick ceremony that can only be entered into willingly. When children start to see other children being Compassionate they all want to be compassionate and this is our Goal…

Positive to Peers = P2P

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