InterTribal Youth is an enrichment Programs for InterTribal Youth ages 12-18 and college-age internships. In 2017 One Purse One Planet sponsored a young Australian teenager to attend the program in the USA and report back to us on her experience. It was an overwhelming success  & we at OPOP are working very hard to bring the program to Australia.

We want to foster intertribal relationships across the planet and encourage our Youth to explore the worlds native cultures and help bridge the gaps between the worlds indigenous peoples of all cultures.

Native Like Water supports the 16-year history of InterTribal Youth/ Young Native Scholars’ educational non-profit social service for youth and indigenous nations. Curriculum and enrichment programs have a cultural base in science, arts and wellness. InteTribal Youth (ITY) serves ages 12-18 youth whom are considered “pre-college age” and at the highest risk (read: state of emergency).

Over the past 16 years, 1,000s of youth have been enriched locally, nationally, and internationally during residential programming and community learning. Elders, professionals, leaders, and college-age mentors are recruited as support staff. “An experience of a lifetime”, has been the most quoted participant testimonial. We tap the potential and stoke the spirit of all the youth we service.


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